“Odd” Anxiety Triggers

For people that deal with an anxiety disorder, sometimes odd or unusual things can trigger their anxiety. Below, I have listed some triggers that have caused/contributed to myself or others to feel anxious. 1. Packing 2. Trying new foods 3. Exciting upcoming events, gatherings, and vacations 4. Going out to eat 5. Car Horns 6. […]


HALT was an acronym created by a great mind in the counseling field….or maybe a mediocre mind. Honestly, I don’t know who came up with it. But I do know it can help people struggling with various issues. I was first introduced to it several years ago during a time I was personally struggling and […]

Coping with Loneliness 

As a counselor, I have realized a lot of people of all ages deal with feeling very lonely and lack much in the way of close friendships and/or relationships. This type of loneliness can contribute to depression, anxiety, and just plain sadness.  For a good portion of my tween and teen years, I dealt with […]

Lessons Learned Through Surgery

I realized an irony. As I went through the first surgical procedures I had ever had in my whole life and the several days following these I experienced less fear, less anxiety than I had in a long time. My only job and concern was surgery and recovering from it. I didn’t have to worry […]

My Thoughts on the Concept of Following your Dreams

As I tried to decide what to write about for this post I consulted with a very important person-my 9 year old brother. He suggested that I write about following your dreams. When I asked how this connects to emtional/mental health he didn’t miss a beat. He shared that in spite of discouragement people need […]

If I Am Honest About Accepting My Story

If I am honest, as much as I fight against stigma, try to normalize other people’s feelings, share encouragement and validation, and share pieces of my journey, I still struggle with accepting myself and my story. On one hand, I see beauty, meaning, and purpose in what I have struggled with and how I am […]

Why is Buying Lularoe and Brands Like it Addictive?                 A Personal and Psychological Perspective

Personal Perspective:  I have always loved clothing but usually have bought clothes that are off a clearance rack. Then…I drank the Lularoe juice. I was surprised. Why would someone with a lot of clothes who is generally good with there money become hooked on buying clothes that tend to be priced at approximately the equivalent […]