Not a Good Fit? Shop Around

You have the right to “shop around”. By that, I mean that if you do not feel like your mental health care provider (counselor, psychiatrist, etc.) is a good fit for you, you have the right to check out other providers. How do you know that your provider may not be a good fit? 1. […]

Forgotten Self-Care

Exercise, healthy eating, taking medication as prescribed, and occasional pampering are all aspects of self-care. However, their is one part of self-care that is often forgotten. This is sleep. Sleep is important for many reasons. It helps you stay focused, refreshes your mind and body, helps you think clearly, and helps regulate your emotional state. […]

Only Human

As a few people know, back in March, I got into a really bad place emotionally. It was ironic because I was use to helping other people with their emotional well-being, yet I had neglected myself. I expected myself to be super human. I expected myself to be incredibly hard on myself day in and […]

Obstacles to a Correct Diagnosis

For some people it is easier than others to get an accurate mental health diagnosis. I want to discuss some of the factors that may make it difficult to obtain an accurate diagnosis. One factor is symptom severity. If someone is experiencing some distress or impairment but they are still relatively high functioning, it is […]

Resources To Get Help

Today, I want to discuss some resources available to help you or a loved one who is struggling with mental health issues. 1. Crisis Text Line (741-741) If you text 741-741, after initially getting an automatic message, you will get a response by a highly trained volunteer crisis counselor who will talk with you and […]

Things You’ve Wondered About Therapists

In this post, I want to discuss some things that you may have wondered about therapists. What kind of degree/training does a therapist have? To work as a therapist, a person needs to typically have earned at least a master’s degree. During this time, they must participate in an internship as well. To become licensed […]


If I am honest, it has been harder recently to write for my blog. I have been dealing with A LOT lately in my personal life and have struggled with how much to disclose verses how much to keep private. One way I can strike that balance personally is by writing on topics that are […]