Personal Update

I am unsure exactly how personal I should get, especially since I know potentially anyone could read this. However, I know being open, vulnerable, and honest is helpful for myself and others. I believe the potential benefits of sharing a bit about where I am at in my own mental health journey outweigh the risks.  […]

Mental Illness Myths Part 2

Suicide Myth: “I wouldn’t kill myself, I am a Christian.” Fact: Even Christians can lose hope, be impulsive, have issues with their brain chemicals, etc.  Myth: “Everyone has suicidal thoughts.” Fact: People often say this as a way to not have to acknowledge that a serious issue such as depression is real or present. Suicidal thoughts need […]

Mental Illness Myths: Part 1

Today, I want to discuss some inaccurate or partially inaccurate beliefs people have related to mental illness. It should be noted that some of these are completely false while others are sometimes true but do not offer a complete understanding.  Medication Myth:”I don’t need (or want to need) that kind of help”. Fact: While not […]

An Eye-Opening Perspective on Mean People

If I am honest, I have dealt with a lot of difficult people recently. And honestly, I have sometimes taken things they have said and done to heart. As someone who has struggled with anxiety, perfectionism,  and insecurities most of my life, and as someone who did not fit in while in high school, I […]

Reflections on the Mental Health Field

Young professionals who are starting out working in the mental health and related fields need to know that this is a messy, contradictory field. It involves the mundane and the shocking, happy and sad, frustration and success, tears and cheers, fears and triumphs, little problems and big issues, adjustment disorders and psychosis.  Some days, are […]