TWLOHA is Sharing My Blog

I am thrilled. A post I shared a while back entitled “What Recovery from Mental Illness Really Looks Like ” on this blog, went live today on the To Write Love on Her Arms website. The version they shared is beautiful and edited in such a way it truly enhanced what I was trying to […]

Why I Haven’t Watched 13 Reasons

I could say I haven’t watched 13 reasons because I am afraid of it being triggering. I could say I haven’t seen it due to not wanting to be biased if a client or even a friend feels the need to talk about this series, how they view it and how it impacts them. And […]

Crisis Text Line: 741-741

Recently, I started volunteering as a crisis counselor for the crisis text line. I believe this is a valuable resource available to those who need it. I wanted to share some information about Crisis Text Line (CTL) for those who may be interested in learning more about it. What is it? The crisis text line is […]

Apraxia: Symptoms and Prognosis 

I  by no means claim to be an expert on Apraxia or speech disorders in general. However, I have a younger brother affected by the disorder. As a counselor and as someone who has a sibling with Apraxia, I feel that it is important for professionals in my field to become more familiar with this […]


*Trigger Warning: This post may be potentially triggering for some readers.* Self-Injury refers to a set of behaviors that involve a person intentionally inflicting or attempting to inflect physical harm on himself or herself. This includes but is not limited to “cutting”. Other behaviors that fall into this category are scratching, biting, and burning oneself. […]

The 7 Most Frustrating Things About Anxiety Disorders 

1. Overthinking everything. This can include whether you should make plans with a friend, a comment someone said, etc. This also includes overthinking about the what if’s and fears associated with any given senario. 2. Attempting to mind read. This means assuming you know how someone else feels. Example:trying to make a decision, you assume […]