6 Tendencies of Anxious People

People who have anxiety disorders tend to have certain specific patterns of thinking and being that are both contributing factors to and manifestations of their anxiety. 6 common tendencies of people with anxiety are people pleasing, self-absorption, minimalization of compliments and of one’s positive attributes, magnification of failures and critiques, catastrophising, over-valuing others opinions. Below, […]

Coping with the Uncontrollable 

As a professional counselor, through out my career I have encountered several clients/patients who are struggling to cope with circumstances and/or other people that are out of their control. I feel that due to recent events in our world along with the frequency in which this topic emerges in therapy that it needs to be […]

Overcoming Setbacks

I am learning through my own journey that working toward physical and mental wellness is not only challenging but at times you will likely face setbacks and it is how you respond to these that matters most. I have a few examples from my own life. 1. My anxiety and depression are well managed, however […]

It Gets Better

Today I just want to share that while living with anxiety and depression isn’t fun, with time and treatment,  it gets better.  I am at a place where stress is real in my life and to a certain extent anxiety is present as well.  However, I am thankful the depression isn’t strong. I am living […]

“Odd” Anxiety Triggers

For people that deal with an anxiety disorder, sometimes odd or unusual things can trigger their anxiety. Below, I have listed some triggers that have caused/contributed to myself or others to feel anxious. 1. Packing 2. Trying new foods 3. Exciting upcoming events, gatherings, and vacations 4. Going out to eat 5. Car Horns 6. […]