Anxiety and It’s Contradictions

Although anxiety is a natural emotion that all people experience from time to time, their are many of us, millions in fact, that experience anxiety that is severe enough that it meets criteria for a diagnosable anxiety disorder. Clinical anxiety can be an interesting and contradictory experience. Today, I want to share about some of […]

How To Be A Self-Advocate (Without Being Asinine)

I have noticed that some people in the mentally ill community demand that others should accommodate to them, that they complain they don’t feel heard, and they feel angry. However, they then expect others to take them seriously when they act out in angry and erratic ways. Unfortunately, this is often off putting to professionals, […]

Mental Health: The Black Sheep of Healthcare

Disclaimer: I personally know several medical professionals who handle mental health issues and mental health patients in an appropriate and respectable manner. So, I am not saying that ALL medical professionals act a certain way. Rather, I am merely bringing awareness to one of the issues that many people with mental illness often face. I, […]

All About Vision Boards

1 1/2-2 years ago, I was first introduced to the idea of vision boards on YouTube. The concept piqued my interest and I decided to create one. Now let’s fast forward to the present. I have accomplished approximately 8 of the goals I had written down on that first board. These included big things like […]

Enough: My Word for 2018

January 1st can be very symbolic of a fresh start. Many people have “resolutions” they make and it has become increasingly common to pick a word that will guide your focus for the year. I have mixed feelings about this mindset. On one hand, it can cause people to believe change is possible and motivate […]

Update & Encouragement

I have been very personal and vulnerable in some of my posts and more professional, clinical, or opinion focused in others. I am torn between revealing enough and not exposing too much. Perhaps this desire, this fear of what to say or do best summarizes where I am at right now in my life. Although […]