Resources To Get Help

Today, I want to discuss some resources available to help you or a loved one who is struggling with mental health issues. 1. Crisis Text Line (741-741) If you text 741-741, after initially getting an automatic message, you will get a response by a highly trained volunteer crisis counselor who will talk with you and […]

Things You’ve Wondered About Therapists

In this post, I want to discuss some things that you may have wondered about therapists. What kind of degree/training does a therapist have? To work as a therapist, a person needs to typically have earned at least a master’s degree. During this time, they must participate in an internship as well. To become licensed […]


If I am honest, it has been harder recently to write for my blog. I have been dealing with A LOT lately in my personal life and have struggled with how much to disclose verses how much to keep private. One way I can strike that balance personally is by writing on topics that are […]

Cyclothymia: Bipolar’s Baby Sister

Many people have heard of or may even know a bit about Bipolar Disorder. Bipolar, in it’s most severe form consists of high highs (mania) and low lows (depression). Mania involves elated moods, impulsive behavior, risk-taking, grandiosity/inflated self-esteem, distractibility, pressured speech, rapid speech, racing thoughts, irritable mood, increased energy, decreased need for sleep, increased goal […]

How Can Hospitalization Help People?

I have heard people wonder aloud what the point of psychiatric hospitalization is. Some patients ask, “What’s the point of me being at the hospital doing ‘nothing’?” The truth is that for patients truly meeting criteria for inpatient hospitalization, brief hospitalization can serve several different purposes. Before I dive into what those purposes are, I […]

Counseling: Differences Between Hospital and Outpatient

In this blog, I talk a lot about my professional and personal experiences with mental health. Some of my posts are very personal, others are more professional, and still others, such as today’s post, combine both perspectives. I have worked and/or interned as a counselor for about five years in a variety of settings. For […]