“Odd” Anxiety Triggers

For people that deal with an anxiety disorder, sometimes odd or unusual things can trigger their anxiety. Below, I have listed some triggers that have caused/contributed to myself or others to feel anxious.

1. Packing

2. Trying new foods

3. Exciting upcoming events, gatherings, and vacations

4. Going out to eat

5. Car Horns

6. Going out of the house

7 Getting a new job that you really wanted

8.Trying to respond to your name being called quick enough 

9. Hearing your name called 

10. TV/Netflix 

11. Other people’s concerns and anxieties 

12. Minor decisions (eg. picking out an ice cream flavor)

A lot of these triggers revolve around themes. The themes include fear of making a “wrong” decision, fear of the unknown, and fear of others’ judgments. Yes, many of these triggers and themes demonstrate an illogical amount of anxiety about fairly harmless situations. However, most people with anxiety disorders know intellectually that their fears are irrational, yet on an emotional level feel their fears are very real and worthy of fear. 
Dealing with an anxiety disorder and the odd triggers means being aware of what your triggers are, seeking therapy when needed, taking medication if needed, using cognitive behavioral skills to replace fearful thoughts with soothing, realistic ones,  learning how to relax your body and mind, and learning how to distract yourself when feeling anxious.


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