Coping with Loneliness 

As a counselor, I have realized a lot of people of all ages deal with feeling very lonely and lack much in the way of close friendships and/or relationships. This type of loneliness can contribute to depression, anxiety, and just plain sadness. 

For a good portion of my tween and teen years, I dealt with this myself. It can cause you to feel different. It can cause you to feel alone. 

So, what is the solution? I think there are a few things that can help someone struggling with loneliness. 1. Choosing to start and invest in relationships that will enrich your life and not damage other relationships you already have. 2. Reaching out to those few that are already in your life. Maybe you can even ask them to introduce you to some of there friends. 3. If you feel socially awkward or unsure of how to make friends, seek help in gaining the social skills and confidence you need. 4. Go to places that you will be likely to meet like-minded, high quality individuals. Churches, conferences, sports teams, small groups, and extra curricular activities are some examples.

I want you to know that you are valuable and deserving of relationships even when the people around you don’t always seem to treat you that way. You have the potential to be a great friend and to have great friends. There are people who want to hear your heart and support you through your loneliness. You matter and you are loved. 


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