My Thoughts on the Concept of Following your Dreams

As I tried to decide what to write about for this post I consulted with a very important person-my 9 year old brother. He suggested that I write about following your dreams. When I asked how this connects to emtional/mental health he didn’t miss a beat. He shared that in spite of discouragement people need to know they can do it. 

I realized there is wisdom in these young words. It is so easy for people to be scared to reach for there goals or believe the lies others have told them that their dreams are stupid or impossible. These struggles can build to a point they cause more serious mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Now you may be thinking what do you do if someone you know truly has a goal that is seemingly impossible  (such as becoming a basketball player at 4 feet tall or becoming a professional singer if they are tone deaf). I think the answer lies in encouraging people to learn about their passions and their abilities and encouraging them to reach for their dreams in a way that works for them. The 4 footer aspiring to be in the NBA may have an unrealistic dream but they may be able to participate in their passion by playing on community leagues or on a Special Olympics team. 

I want people to know their dreams matter. They are not stupid or impossible. However, they need to be prepared that achieving them won’t be easy and may look very different from the picture they may have in their head but that this is ok.


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