TWLOHA is Sharing My Blog

I am thrilled. A post I shared a while back entitled “What Recovery from Mental Illness Really Looks Like ” on this blog, went live today on the To Write Love on Her Arms website. The version they shared is beautiful and edited in such a way it truly enhanced what I was trying to convey. 

When I submitted the original post to TWLOHA, I was hopeful but at the same time did not expect much to come from it. I was very surprised when the editor from TWLOHA emailed me, sharing that they were interested in editing and using my piece!

Although I am excited because it is validating to know that a huge organization like TWLOHA is interested in publishing what I have written, I am reminded there is such a bigger purpose to all of this. This is an opportunity, I believe, for God to use my words and heart to inspire and encourage others. And that is an amazing privledge! That is what I love about being a counselor, advocate, and writer, having the opportunity to speak hope and life to those who need it most.

The link for the post on the TWLOHA website  is

The link to my original post is:


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