Why I Haven’t Watched 13 Reasons

I could say I haven’t watched 13 reasons because I am afraid of it being triggering. I could say I haven’t seen it due to not wanting to be biased if a client or even a friend feels the need to talk about this series, how they view it and how it impacts them. And while both of these are valid reasons and ring somewhat true, honestly the real reason I haven’t watched it is way less profound. 

The truth is, I simply do not have Netflix. I am one of those odd people in my generation that has cable but not Netflix. I get that I could easily purchase Netflix. Don’t get me wrong, all the talk about the show has piqued my curiousity. However, I think there must be a reason why it has not provoked my curiousity to the point of signing up for Netflix and watching the series. 

Maybe it is because I already spend so much of my life thinking about mental health. Maybe it’s because I am not typically into trendy programs. Maybe it’s because I don’t want to get into debates. Maybe it is because the last time I tried to read a fictional story about a teen boy with depression, I found it to be kind of depressing.

I even realize I could potentially benefit from watching. I would learn a lot about how my field is being portrayed in media if I watched. I would have a better understanding of the concerns many have about the show. I would be knowledgeable enough to engage in informed discussion about the show.

However, perhaps by not watching, I am engaging in self-care. Perhaps, I am even doing what is best for me as a person who has struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts in the past. Perhaps, I am doing what is best for me as a person who in some capacity works or volunteers as a counselor 6 days a week. And I believe these are valid reasons for not watching 13 reasons.

With all that being said, I definitely don’t think just because I haven’t watched it means you shouldn’t. I think people just need to be wise when deciding if watching 13 Reasons is right for them personally.


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