The 7 Most Frustrating Things About Anxiety Disorders 

1. Overthinking everything. This can include whether you should make plans with a friend, a comment someone said, etc. This also includes overthinking about the what if’s and fears associated with any given senario.
2. Attempting to mind read. This means assuming you know how someone else feels. Example:trying to make a decision, you assume you know that someone will have a negative opinion of your decision so you become indecisive as a result .

3. Wanting to please everyone. This refers to the need for others approval and believing you can’t cope with the disapproval of others.

4. Having difficulty relaxing. You are trying to watch TV or Netflix yet you have a feeling of uneasiness. Maybe you are worrying in the back in your head about the laundry that needs to be done, a minor decision that you need to make in a few hours, etc. Maybe you cannot even identify any particular thing you are worried about. Rather, you just have a vague nervous feeling.

5. Managing your wandering mind. Oftentimes those with anxiety have a multitude of thoughts, some anxiety producing and others benign. They come in at all sorts of times making it difficult to not get distracted when showering, dressing, and trying to relax. Before you know it, 2 hours have passed and you can’t even account for how all that time went by.

6. Maximizing problems. Even the smallest things can become a major issue in an anxious person’s mind. This means that doing poorly on one test could turn into a picture of hypotheticals-> what if doing bad on this tests causes me to get a bad grade in the whole class, then that leads to my GPA dropping, then that leads to me losing my scholarships, then that leads to having to drop out of college, then this leads to not being able to get a job and then I become homeless or stuck living with my parents until I am 50! Before they know it, just the idea of doing poorly on a test can trigger major anxiety due to the fears they associate with it.

7. Minimizing your own accomplishments. You want praise for your accomplishments yet you have a hard time accepting it when it is given. You accomplish things and have a tendency to try to minimize how great they are. Example: You get news that an edited version of your blog will be shared on a popular website. Maybe though you feel the need to emphasize “it is very edited and much more polished than your original,  heck maybe it isn’t really even your piece anymore”! Whereas someone without this minimizing tendency would instead look at it as “oh my gosh! I am an excellent writer and one of my pieces is going to be made public”! 

Would you add anything else to this list of the most frustrating things about having an anxiety disorder?


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