Exciting Life Update!

I have had some exciting developments occur in my life, especially professionally. I figured I would use today’s post to share what things are looking like in this counselor’s life.

One major development is that I got offered, and accepted, a part time position with a counseling center in a nearby city. Next week, I will officially start seeing clients in office. This was an especially exciting opportunity for me because this allows me to be in the type of setting I have desired to be in ever since I first started studying psychology. I like that outpatient counseling allows therapists the opportunity to support clients and assist them in making long-term positive changes in their lives and emotional states. 

Another exciting opportunity that I have, is that I was accepted to be a volunteer crisis counselor for the crisis text line  (741-741). This is a national crisis and support line that anyone in the US can text to if they are struggling emotionally. I am currently in training and will officially start supporting texters toward the end of April. I love the approach the crisis text line takes toward supporting those who text in. I get to help people both feel and be safe. Being a volunteer crisis counselor will give me the opportunity to support and listen to people who are really struggling and help them identify what coping skills they already have that they can use to deal with their current crisis.  

Also, I am so excited to share that in May, a (highly) edited version of one of my blog posts will actually be featured on To Write Love With Her Arms blog! I absolutely love TWLOHA and it is such an honor to have them share my writing on their website!

In light of all of these events, I am both excited and nervous. I will be working at the hospitial and the counseling center. I will be volunteering both with the crisis text line and my church. I will be juggling quite a bit both personally and professionally. Being a professional counselor and experiencing success does not take away my own anxieties and my own predisposition toward depression. However, I know that I can do this. I have learned so much over the past couple years about self-care, setting boundaries, and God. I have become much more intentional about practicing self-care. God has allowed these amazing opportunities into my life and I am so excited to see them unfold!


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