Stress & “Normal” Anxiety VS. Anxiety Disorder 

In today’s post, I  want to discuss some of the differences between the occasional anxiety that most people experience  when stressed and the anxiety experienced  by those with an anxiety disorder. 

One thing that separates an anxiety disorder from stress, situational anxiety, and “normal” anxiety  is that someone who has an anxiety disorder may become anxious even when life is going well, a positive transition is upcoming, or when no specific  trigger can be identified. However, normal anxiety tends to be in the presence of a trigger that most people would identify as particularly  stressful.

Another difference  between  normal anxiety and an anxiety disorder is that normal anxiety is short-term and time limited whereas an anxiety disorder is longer lasting. 

Those with an anxiety disorder have more difficulty letting go of worry than those with normal anxiety.Those with an anxiety disorder tend to obsess and be consumed by anxious thoughts.

Those with an anxiety  disorder may worry about atypical things whereas those with normal anxiety worry about things that most people  would deem stressful.

Anxiety is something  nearly everyone experiences, especially  when stressed. However,  when anxiety does not have an easily identified trigger, occurs when life is going well, lasts a long time, becomes obsessive, becomes all consuming, or is triggered by unusual things, this may indicate that an anxiety disorder is present that could benefit from professional treatment.


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