What anxiety and depression feel like

What is it really like for those who live with anxiety and depression? A rollercoaster, one day okay, the next day an emotional mess. Worrying about all the things one has to do yet not having the energy or motivation to tackle them. Feeling angry and taking it out on yourself and your loved ones. One day, wanting reassurance that you feel like you should not have to have. The next day, wanting no one else’s input when you already have difficulty making decisions. Feeling like you should simply have more faith or worry less, yet it never seeming just that easy to do this.

Some days are good, others bad. Sometimes a trigger can be identified. And other times it cannot. Either way, at times not only is it irrational, but you may even realize your fears are Irrational or the extent of your reaction is irrational, yet you experience it none the less.  Sometimes, you feel hopeful and anxiety and depression are merely distant background noise. Other times,you are so blinded by the anxiety and depression that it makes the past, present, and future all look bleak. 

Sometimes, they feel very emotional and at other times very physical. They may come out in tears you can’t stop, extreme fear or irritation, headaches, sweating, difficulty breathing, stomach aches.

Anxiety and depression are not fun friends to have and sometimes they invite themselves over way more than you would like but even when anxiety and depression rear their ugly heads, they can be coped with. You may feel trapped but there are enough coping skills and resources available that you do not have to be a slave to them.


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