How Writing Can Be Therapeutic 

As someone who has journaled off and on throughout their life and has been blogging consistently for the past several months, I already knew some of the benefits of writing. However , since I spent the month of November writing the rough draft of an autobiography, I felt like this would be a great time for me to better understand, reflect on, and share the therapuetic benefits of writing.

One, it helps you get your thoughts and feelings out of your mind and on to paper. There is something freeing about this process which spoken word poet Sarah DeMulder refers to as “making the internal external”.

Two, it helps you better understand yourself. It helps you identify and label your feelings. It helps you understand the thought patterns you have, and the way you view your life. For me, it helps me see that I have often longed for friendship, connectedness, and achievement and when I do not have these in my life or become bitter about the times that these things were not in place, I become sad, angry, and sometimes even depressed.

Three, it helps you recognize your own growth and achievements .  If I look at how I may write about struggles now, some old thought patterns remain but new thoughts of past hope and success also come through. As I look over my short life, I am able to see I have not only achieved a lot but I have grown tremendously as a person.

Four, it is a form of creativity and self-expression. There is something intrinsically rewarding about realizing you have created a blog post, journal entry, or book. There is something neat about being able to express yourself in whatever way you choose.  You can come up with an amazingly imaginative fictional story or write poignantly about what you have learned in life.

I hope that reading this post encourages you to keep writing or if you do not already write then to start writing!


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