The Power of Graditude


     One of the best pieces of advice that I have gotten during a rough patch in my life was to purposefully identify things that I am thankful for and find ways to express graditude. While this can be a huge challenge especially when someone is depressed, it is important . 

      Depression, anxiety, and just negative thinking in general have a way of causing us to focus on what is going wrong in our life rather than on what is going right. When we intentionally choose to reflect on what is going right it helps us grow emotionally and even spiritually. 

     From a psychological perspective ,  choosing graditude closely aligns with cognitive behavioral theory. This theory proposes that what we think about affects our feelings and behavior .  So if you choose to identify what is going right, what you are thankful for, it will help you over time to feel less depressed, anxious, and negative.

     I will admit that I am not always great at focusing on what I am thankful for, but I have found as I challenge myself to identify things I am thankful for, it has helped improve my own mood and perspective. I choose to be Thankful. I can honestly say that I am blessed.

     As I work on writing about my own journey, I am thankful for where I am at in my life both tangibly and emotionally, even though I am guilty of complaining sometimes. I am thankful for what God has brought me through. I have come a long ways and it is thru God, hard work, and the support of many that I am here and thriving.
     I am thankful for my friends and family. I have been blessed with a great, supportive group of people in my life. My family totally drives me crazy sometimes  but they are truly the best! 
     I am also thankful for my church! After several years of not really feeling connected at the churches I attended, I was so blessed to find Access!
     What are you thankful for? Feel free to comment !

​     Hope you guys have a great thanksgiving filled with graditude and good food!


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