Out of the Darkness Walk

Last year, I saw online that the Out of the Darkness Walk was coming to my city. All I really knew at the time was that this walk was going to be around a local lake and by participating in it, I would be helping to raise money for Suicide Prevention, which is an important cause to me. I figured it would be worth participating in. 

I didn’t realize a lot going into it. I didn’t realize I would easily raise my goal of $150. I didn’t realize an old friend from college would donate the majority of that. I didn’t realize I and the rest of the walkers would wear necklaces of different colors to represent the reasons why walking for this cause was important to us. I didn’t realize I would run into multiple people that I knew that decided they would be open about why this mattered to them. I didn’t realize for at least that one day, I would make the acquaintance of a girl who was a high schooler and although are lives are very different this was something important we had in common. 

Suicide prevention is important to me for so many reasons, most of which you will discover fairly quickly by reading some of my other posts or talking with me. Just know both personally and professionally this matters to me A LOT. 

Life is a gift but many people for a multitude of reasons lose their sense of hope. Depression places dark glasses over a person’s eyes and tells them they will never see the light again, that the bleakness and pain of today are permanent. I want people to know that depression is a liar, with help those dark glasses can come off  and that we need to fight to keep those alive who have not yet learned how to see past the darkness.

This year, in exactly one month from now, I will be walking in the Out of the Darkness Walk again. If you would like to help me with this cause, both prayers and financial donations are appreciated.  To donate, please click the following link: http://afsp.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donorDrive.participant&participantID=1054345



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