Sometimes: Reflections on Caring for Self

Sometimes, we need to be vulnerable. 

Sometimes,  we need to acknowledge we are not ok.

Sometimes,  we need to know and tell ourselves it is OK to not be ok. It is OK to feel anxious or depressed or discouraged or long for something we don’t have. 

Sometimes,  we need to remind ourselves how we feel today is not how we will feel tomorrow or next week.

Sometimes,  we need to know we are not alone.

Sometimes,  we need to reach out. Other times, cry alone. Sometimes, do both.

Sometimes,  we need to hold our tongue in order to hold it together. And that is ok.

Sometimes,  we need to take care of ourselves, regardless of how others feel about this.

Sometimes,  we need to know that today sucks but that there is hope that next week or month or year can be better.

Sometimes,  we need to know that life is made of ups and downs,  highs and lows, mundane days and eventful nights.


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