You Are Needed

I am realizing as human beings, we have a need to know that we are needed, wanted, and loved. We need to know we matter. 

People with depression often feel worthless, hopeless, a burden. People with anxiety and low self esteem tend to feel inadequate, unimportant, less than their peers.  Even people without mental health disorders tend to want to be valued and appreciated and can become discouraged when not receiving this.I believe that hearing the words “You are needed” and being shown this through actions is a basic emotional need of human beings. Feeling valuable and purposeful is a key component to our mental health and wellbeing.

As someone who works in the mental health field, it is especially important that I convey this message to the people I work with. However, no matter your profession or lack thereof,  I believe we all should be conveying to ourselves and to others that each of us is needed, wanted, loved, and matters just because we are alive and unique.

I think it is easy to sometimes minimize our own value because we feel there are others who do the same line of work or study the same subject or serve at the same organization as us and we feel like those others are doing the same or better at it than we are. However, no one else has your exact same combination of personality, way of wording things, experiences, and strengths that you have. No one else is you. You are needed because “no one else can play your part” (TWLOHA, 2014 suicide prevention campaign).


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