Quotes from the  Conference 

     Since my first post regarding the recent TWLOHA Supporter Conference was focused mostly on a general summary of the event, I wanted to do a follow-up post highlighting some quotes said at the conference that stood out to me.

1. “Where talk exists, so is hope” – Jaime or Lindsey of TWLOHA. To bring hope, we must first be both willing to talk about uncomfortable topics and listen to those who are sharing their difficult inner struggles.

2. “You are more than just your pain…” -Jaime or Lindsey of TWLOHA. This to me is such as powerful statement. It is a reminder that the people I work with are more than diagnoses and psychological issues, and that I am more than my own mental health struggles. 

3. In a session on Creative Storytelling, Sierra DeMulder stated that telling your personal story “makes the internal, external”. This to me highlights why journaling, writing, creating art, verbal expression, and going to counseling are all valuable tools in personal healing, insight,  and growth. 

4. In the section on brokenness in the MOVE Curriculum Book, which was created by Aaron and Michelle Moore along with other TWLOHA staff, it is said that “…it’s okay to not be okay” (p. 13). This was a reoccurring theme throughout the conference and personally I felt that it was those simple words that were the most important takeaway from the conference. Often times people who are helpers, whether mental health professionals or leaders in schools and communities, don’t feel like it is OK to sometimes need help themselves. Those simple words “it’s ok to not be ok” give us permission to be human.

5. “Never underestimate the weight of stigma and shame someone who walks through your doors feels just for having to walk through those doors”-Aaron Moore. I liked this quote because it was a powerful reminder that those initially starting counseling or psychiatry services may find it extremely difficult and uncomfortable just to have to see a mental health professional in the first place.

     There are SO many more quotes I could share but I figured I would keep it to just 5 for the sake of brevity. Hope you found these encouraging!

PS. The picture for this post was a picture of myself with Renee Yohe, who is the reason that TWLOHA came to be in the first place. So glad I was able to grab a pic with this extremely inspiring lady!


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