Positive Aspects of Being a Young Therapist: Part 2 of the Young Professionals Series 

Last week, in the 1st part of the Young Professionals Series,  I discussed the advantages of seeing a young therapist/professional for mental health services. This week’s post is geared toward those who either are young and are working as mental health therapists/professionals or those who are young and are considering working in the field.

Advantages of being a young therapist/professional:

1. You have the ability to work in a field that you are  (hopefully) passionate about for a very long time. If you don’t start in the field until you are older (such as your 40s), you will likely not be able to have as many years where you are energetic and healthy enough to work in the field. Plus, who wants to spend their young adult life working mediocre jobs when they could be spending those years helping others and doing something they love?

2. The possibility of having 2 careers. If you start in the field young and later realize it is time for a change, you can still change careers, have the therapist background, and still be relatively young when you start that new career.

3. It helps you learn to communicate with and understand all age groups. By being a young therapist, you will be old enough to have some wisdom and life experience yet still young enough the you can empathize with and understand where teens are coming from. Also by being young, it allows older clients to experience a type of transference in which you will be able to better understand how they interact with their kids as it is likely how they interact with there kids will come out in how they interact with you.

4. It gives you an accomplishment to be proud of. Obtaining a college degree and getting licensed to practice a profession are big accomplishments anyway you go about it. However, there is an extra sense of pride you feel when you accomplish these things while you are still young.

5. People tend to be less intimidated by young professionals. Need I say more?

In conclusion,  there are multiple perks to being young and in the field.  Next week, I will address some things clients need to consider when using a young therapist.


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